GO DAY 2022

Discover the Invisalign Go portfolio

A fully-integrated digital platform designed specifically for GPs.

Februar 24, 2022
Online translations are available in Italian, German, French, Polish and Spanish.

It’s a day not to be missed.

Now's your chance to see how the future of your practice could change. GO DAY 2022 explores how Invisalign clear aligners and the digital workflow allows GPs to integrate tooth alignment into their comprehensive dental care with improved aesthetic and oral health outcomes, as well as a better patient experience. 

This free, online event covers these topics with the help of two experts who will explore:  

  • How the integration of the Invisalign Go system with additive prosthetics provides a minimally invasive treatment approach 
  • How the minimally invasive approach of the Invisalign Go Plus system helps GPs achieve long-lasting treatment in a short timeframe